Holistic Coaching to empower you to create and step into a life you love. 

 Live a life filled with       intention, purpose and joy.

a new way of Being

I'm a former airline pilot turned therapist turned counselor and coach.
Curiosity, creativity and courage have served as guideposts as I've initiated and navigated the many changes in my life.

Are You Ready to Soar?

a new way of Being

Making changes in life is hard, even when sorely needed. But if you are willing to be curious about patterns you may be stuck in and brave enough to let go of the limiting beliefs that you have come to believe define you, transformative change will occur. In the process, you will remember who you've been all along-A divine being worthy of a life filled with love, joy and deep connection to yourself, others, and all life around you.   


Maybe you are experiencing burnout, doing all the things for everyone else and unsure how to be any different. Or maybe you are  feeling ineffective as a parent.  Perhaps you are navigating a transition such as a loss,  job change,  divorce or retirement.

unsure of your true purpose

You already have a successful career, fulfilling relationships, etc., but you feel like something is missing.

A longing but afraid to reach for it

It might be a career or relationship change that you are unsure how to manifest. Or perhaps your longing is unclear and you are seeking clarity.

If you are feeling.....




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I'm a southern transplant now serving Boston and beyond. My approach is heartfelt and soul centered yet grounded in research and neuroscience.  My work is integrative, trauma informed and rooted in my background in clinical  psychology, counseling and education. I'm here to help you shed the stories that are no longer serving you and guide you back to who you really are.  Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and step into a life you love?

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We all experience difficulties in life from time to time.    Whether it's around  relationships, work, parenting, etc., we've all had challenging times. Through my years of work with both adults and children, I've come to see that challenges like these are oftentimes manifestations of unresolved thoughts and feelings about oneself.  The surface conflict isn't the primary issue, the sense of not feeling heard, worthy or valued is.  Getting to the core is key to personal growth and finding true happiness.  Are you ready to regain your voice and reconnect with your own truth?

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