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 Becoming conscious to the thoughts we have about ourselves that are often birthed in childhood is the first step in reconnecting with our true selves. These thoughts and resultant behavior patterns often keep us stuck in unfulfilling and yet, reinforcing situations. Becoming conscious to these unhelpful patterns allows us to transmute our suffering into flourishing. Having an external witness guide us with compassion to a new way of thinking about ourselves can be a transformative and powerful way to move forward.   

Pain occurs when our life experiences are in conflict with our true selves. Suffering occurs when we refuse to acknowledge that.

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Please note:  All sessions are considered 'coaching,' not therapy. Coaching may be used alone or as an adjunct to therapy to facilitate growth and change. I do not accept insurance nor do I provide diagnostic or procedural codes for billing insurance companies.

how i can help:


We all experience relationship or work challenges from time to time. Through my years of work with both adults and children, I've come to see that challenges like these are oftentimes manifestations of unresolved thoughts and feelings about oneself. The surface conflict isn't the primary issue, the sense of not feeling heard, worthy or valued is. Getting to the core is key to personal growth, increasing self-confidence and finding true happiness. Are you ready to regain your voice and reconnect with your own truth?


Group coaching offers a sense of community and connection that is different from that in 1:1 coaching.  And because shared experiences can be a powerful and supportive way to help facilitate growth, I plan to offer group coaching soon.  Stay tuned!

An increased sense of inner well-being despite external forces

Greater focus and clarity

Increased confidence and emotional resillience

More compassion for yourself and others